The all new Reverie Gallery Collaborative Network is here to support luxury wedding professionals like the industry has never experienced, and we'd like to invite you to join us!
You agree to our simple terms & conditions.

1. Member Directory Profile Display and PR Services
​Reverie Gallery agrees to publish the Member Profile on the website for one year paid on a monthly basis.  If the Client desires to remove the Profilet from the Website prior to the end of the Term, the Client must request in writing that Reverie Gallery remove the profile.  No refunds will be made for already paid payments for early withdrawal(s).  If the Agreement is renewed by Client prior to expiration, no interruption of the profile's display will occur.  If the contract is not renewed prior to expiration of the Term, Reverie Gallery will not retain copies of any content previously submitted and it is the Client’s responsibility to provide content to be published upon renewal, or the signing of a new Agreement. Two social posts will be made on Reverie Gallery's accounts for every month Client makes payments.

2. Payment
Client shall pay Owner for publication of the Profile and Social Posting and Social Posts will commence within 2 weeks of joining. Two Social Posts per month will be published and post records will be kept by the Reverie Gallery PR Team. Owner maintains the right to suspend Client’s account and remove profile and/or materials posted on the Website for non-payment of services rendered by applicable deadlines(s).  In the event any payment(s) by Client are returned to Owner due to insufficient funds or other Client transaction errors, Client shall be assessed a $50.00 insufficient funds charge and/or transaction fee for each such occurrence.

3. Content for Member Directory Listings
It shall be the sole responsibility of Client to provide content to Owner and for Client to upload content onto the Website, including photographs.  Delays in Client providing content to Owner will not extend the Term of the Agreement.  Client acknowledges that Owner will not be responsible or liable for the quality of any portion of the Profile that does not meet the established mechanical criteria, and unfit content may be reviewed and removed by Owner at any time for any reason.  It is Client’s responsibility to ensure all content is legal, owned by the Client with rights to publish, conforms with applicable state and/or federal law and does not infringe upon copyright(s), trademark(s) or service mark(s) of any entity or individual.  

4. Liability
Client shall be fully responsible and liable for the content contained in their Profile.  Owner is not responsible for any representation(s) made or implied in Client’s content.  Owner makes no representations, warranties or covenants to Client with regards to the content, its viewership, or its legality.  It is Client’s sole responsibility to ensure the content is does not violate any state of federal laws, including but not limited to copyright laws. 

5. Prohibited Content
Advertisements shall not contain:
(i) Any content promoting the use of illegal substances, or adult-oriented obscene content;
(ii) Any content which uses an explicative or inappropriate language;
(iii) Content promoting illegal activity, racism, hate, "spam", mail fraud, pyramid schemes, or investment opportunities, or advice which is not permitted under law;
(iv) Content that is libelous, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or any other content deemed inappropriate by the Owner in its sole discretion.

Use of any such inappropriate content by Client, in Owner’s sole and unconditioned discretion, will result in the suspension, termination and/or removal of the Advertisement or content, or any other action deemed necessary by Owner.  If any Advertisement is removed due to inappropriate content, no refund in full or in part will be issued.


PHOTO CREDITS: Crown Photo: Mark Eric Weddings, Erica's Photo: The Harris Co., Pros Only Network & Follow Your Wild Heart: JAGStudios, Couple: Pharris Photography, Social & PR Coverage: Vicki + Erik Photography, Profile: Coral Pheasant, Balance Retreat Photos: Cameron & Kelly Studios.